The first day is always a struggle

Disclaimer: This post was written on little sleep, so I may need to edit it later!

After an uneventful but nearly sleepless flight I have made it to London! I made it through customs, although between not sleeping and needing a restroom, I struggled to form sentences to the questions the agent was asking me. To say the very least, it did not go smoothly, but I made it through, then was off to pick up my bag, with a quick pit stop along the way!

Our flight made record time and we made it into London nearly an hour ahead of schedule. Thankfully, my friend was following my flight and was waiting for me, waving her arms at an end of a line of waiting people. It was an exciting sight to have someone waiting for me. After speaking only through text for the last year, it was great to actually see her and be able catch up in person.

As the title says it all, the first day is a struggle. We thankfully had a low key day, one that I as able to schedule an hour nap in. We walked around my friend’s home town of Walton-on-Thames and did a lot of chatting. I even successfully order myself a breakfast sandwich, bacon and egg on a baguette, and a coffee. I must say the bacon here was loads better then what they have in Australia! So far, I feel it has been an easy transition, with simple adjustments, like where to sit in the car as the passenger! I look forward to spending this time with friends, and exploring London before I am off to explore more of Europe. Tonight, we are headed out to go Salsa dancing and then a much needed good night sleep before a day in London.

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