Day 4 – On my own two feet

Today is the day that I say goodbye to friends and head to London to meet my group. I found myself with little sleep as the excitement and anxiety started to build. I was having fears of summer camp part 2, having such a amazing time the first time, the second round could not hold up to expectation. In Australia, I left with some lifelong friends, would I have those after this trip? Will there be other travelers who speak English? These people will essentially be my family and friends over the next 30 days… will I like them? will they like me?

I was dropped to the train station, with instructions on how to get the St. Pancras International, which I managed to do, with some help along the way. I had a bit of trouble with the London Tube system, as it wasn’t as intuitive as I had expected it to be. With all the different lines and similar colors, I found myself staring at it perplexed, wondering which shade of purple was the line that I wanted. I decided to just find someone to ask for help. Alas I made it to my destination.

With nearly four hours to kill, I dropped my luggage, and decided to try to go outside the station to find lunch.  This turned out to be a mistake! I would have been better off in the station as I found myself in a world of chains. The one pub I did find, seemed to already have been occupied by the town locals, that I wasn’t quite sure I wanted to mingle with at 2pm on a Monday. I ended up settling for a sandwich shop, and had to pay more for my food for dining in! After, I set my self up at a coffee shop in the station and worked on this blog!

I must say, waiting in anticipation, made the time crawl. I found myself watching people around me, and wondering if they were part of my group.  Finally, it was time and all my anxiety melted.  We seem to have a really good group, and all but 4 of us are from Australia. Apparently, if you want to find an Australian, you don’t go looking in Australia! Everyone is very nice and I am more excited for this trip.

We hopped on an 8pm train to Paris, where we arrived at our hostel close to midnight with the time change. The hostel we are at is very nice, aside from my bed which seems to have a hill in the middle of it. It is like the Princess and the Pea, although I am not brave enough to lift the mattress to see if there is something underneath it.

A funny tidbit from yesterday that I forgot, I have yet to adjust to being in a different time zone, although my phone is on Boston time so I have no excuse. Yesterday morning, 10am my time, 5am Boston time, I saw some exciting news on Facebook. I was so excited that I sent a text messages out to two different people, only to realize in horror that I sent 5am text messages on a Sunday morning.

Fun fact of the day, that I learned from my roommates, Thomas Crapper was the inventor of the flush toilet. The lore is that this is where the phrase, “going to the Crapper” or “taking a crap” came from. Upon doing some googling, there is another explanation for the origin of the phrase, however, I like the first explanation best!

Off to explore Paris tomorrow.

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