Day 11 – Dancing the night away


4am with 12K steps… needless to say we had a fun night dancing, but it made for a lazy morning. My room was awake by 10am but we did not get out into the city until noon. I had my first chocolate croissant, which I realize is weird because we have them in the US, but I am not someone who eats croissants. It was delicious and went great with my cappuccino. The cafe next to the hotel had 1 euro cappuccino that were absolutely amazing, so we went there often.

St. Peter's Basillica
St. Peter’s Basillica

Today I went to explore the Vatican. Vatican city is the smallest country in the world. There was a lot of curiosity of if or what a Vatican passport may look like, so we googled it. The answer was, Yes, they have their own and it is black.

One of the guards in Vatican City
One of the guards in Vatican City

Thankfully I was with one of the girls when I went to the Vatican, because the tour guides are relentless in this part of the city. From the metro all the way to the museum gates, they hounded and harassed you, about whether or not you had tickets. Most of them we just ignored and walked past, however, once you got closer, that strategy did not work. Some of them would make comments about us not responding to them, it was probably the worst we had encountered. The girl I was with had tickets to do the museum, but I chose to just go to St. Peters Square and the Basilica. In the Basilica, I went down to the Crypt and saw the tombs of the past Popes. It was quite interesting, as most of them were topped with a sculpture of what I could assume is how they looked when they passed. It was also interesting how little some were Pope. This is sacred space, and no pictures were taken.

St. Peter's Square
St. Peter’s Square

I very much enjoyed wandering around and just taking in the beauty of the place, so I took very little pictures in general, as I would never be able to fully capture the beauty of this place. They have 2 post office’s on site, so I took advantage and sent out some post cards, as this day marked the first leg of the journey.

Posting post cards from Vatican City
Posting post cards from Vatican City

After the Vatican, I popped over to a cafe for lunch and then headed back to the hotel, to have some rest time before we met some of the new members of the group. (This morning we lost 7 members of our group, some of which I became close with, and was sad to see them go.) Thankfully I had as tonight we gain 5.

At the welcome meeting, we met the new people, and enjoyed a dinner with them, to merge them into the group. After all the walking and dancing, I took the train back to the hotel, to avoid the 15 min walk back.

Tonight we are early to bed so we can be up early to pack up and head out at 6am.

Fun Fact of the day: The drivers in Italy are crazy! I know I was worried about getting hit in England because I didn’t know which way to look, but I am more concerned in Italy, because they just don’t care. I also think you are more likely to get hit by a scooter or motorcycle then a car, because they just zip around the city without a care.

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