Day 6 – A day of art

***Pictures will be added as soon as I can get WiFi strong enough to Upload them

Second day in Paris and we are off to the Louvre.  Once again, bread for breakfast, but I managed to make a coffee that was a bit more tolerable.


A group of five of us head off to the museum, which once again we did a fantastic time navigating the streets and Metro. Our tickets were for right when the museum opened, which was great as it was not too crowded yet. Knowing we had short time, we tried to make sure we saw the exhibits that were important.


We saw the Mona Lisa, the winged victory of samothrace, the statue of Venus, and the valpincon bather. The museum is massive and there is so much to see, not just with the art but also with the building itself.  In total, I think we spent about 2 hours there, which I think was a good amount of time before it starts to get a bit overwhelming.


Since we had time, we popped over the Notre Dame again to actually go in the building, as it was one of the places from the tour that we all had really wanted see. I am so glad we did, as it was incredible! Thankfully, we had little wait to go in. The stain glass windows were massive and beautiful. While we were in the church, they started to have noon mass.


I really enjoyed our second day. Just walking around to the two locations, it gave us a better feeling of the city of Paris.


Meeting time was 2pm at the hostel, so we hit the grocery store for lunch and dinner and met back up with the group to catch a train to Interlaken, Switzerland.


A metro and two trains later and we were in a quaint town surrounded by mountains. It was a bit eerie as the town observes quite hours at 10p, so when we arrived just before midnight, the town was quite with little street traffic and almost no foot traffic.


Fun Lauren Food note: I found it a bit challenging shopping for to-go food in Paris, especially when I do not read French. Needless to say, I kept to the basics which made for an interesting lunch/dinner on the trains. I did make sure I ordered a crepe while still in France, and it was delicious.


More Fun Facts:


I was so very thankful to have playing cards, as we were able to play a couple of card games to get us through the second 3 hour train ride


I had to pay 80 cents to use the restroom at the France train station, it was the only time so far that I have had to pay to use the ladies room, which I see as a win.


The toilet paper on the first train was pink, and was the exact same as the paper towels… so you can imagine how that feels!

The toilet paper in the Hostel in Switzerland was stronger than the paper towels… so again, I will let you imagine that one too.


Next up… Canyoneering in Interlaken and maybe a swim in the lake

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