Day 8 – Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should

***Pictures to be added soon!

Dancing into the morining hours made for a shorter night sleep, however worth it for the night we had!

The morning came quickly. I chose to spend my day at the hostel, as well some of my other travelers, instead of going for the day hike the CEO had planned. I believe I made the right choice! Although I heard the hike was beautiful, it ended up being all day and my body and mind needed a rest.

I took advantage of the day to catch up on my blog while doing laundry, repack my bag to be ready for an early departure tomorrow, as well as taking a nap in the relaxation room. Although our room in the hostel is not ideal, the hostel itself is actually really nice. They have a section that reminds me a bit of a tree house, and that is where the relaxation room is. I wish I took a picture of this room, so you will have to use your imagination. The room is two part, one is set up like a lounge with comfy couches and chairs arranged in a circle design, along with a center table and bookshelves. A wall with two large doorways on either side separates this from the hammock room, where you have 5-6 hammocks. The side wall to this room is open slats to let in the fresh air, and boy was it fresh, as well as give you a view of the mountains. It was a perfect place for an afternoon nap.


In the afternoon, before the hikers were back, a couple of us went over to the park, where they had set up for the Interlaken marathon. We relaxed by the river and ate gelato



In the evening, I decided to take in the sunset up on Harder Klum, a single building up on top of one of the mountains we were staying near. To get to the top, you ride a cable car, that goes up the mountain at a 64 degree angle. I have added an image of a 64 degree angle so you can appreciate what I am talking about! I think it was probably one of the scariest things I did this whole trip, and all I could think in my head on the way up was… Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should!

A 64 degree angle
A 64 degree angle

The cable car was on a train track and was being pulled up the track by a cable. I tried to grab some pictures, but none of them could really do justice. I was also a bit panicked on the way up, so I was just trying to hold it together. It is really a shame no-one took a video, because I am sure it would have been hilarious to watch! Especially when we disembarked. At the top, the cable car pulls up to a staircase that runs only the length of the cars. They literally left no extra room, and the stair case is just suspended on this “station”. The stair case was enclosed by a railing, however, if you looked over the edge of the railing, which I DID NOT, it was a large drop on all sides. If you have seen the movie Elf, I can only imagine me stepping out onto these stairs was a bit like the escalator scene. I think it took me at least 10 – 20 seconds to work up the nerve to step my second foot onto the stairs, and even when I had both feet on, my legs were jello and I could not wait to be on solid ground.


I finally relaxed when I was out of the station and walking up the rest of the way to the building. The view though, made the trip up completely worth it. It was quite amazing looking out at the town and the lakes and across to the mountains. I grabbed a beer and just sat to take it in. One of travelers in my group ended up meeting me at the top and we enjoyed the sunset, which was stunning. After the sun had set, it meant getting back on the cable car. We went down together, and I told him that he was in for a treat, based on how well I did going up, and I did not disappoint! Those stairs got me again, but I made it on the cable car and going down was a lot better than going up, and a bit quicker.


Tonight, four of us decided to make a pasta dinner. Because they had all went on the hike, and I did not get back until after 8pm, instead of cooking, I came home to dinner waiting for me in the refrigerator, which I was so thankful for, and it was so good! Eating out as much as you do when you travel, it was a treat to have a “home cooked” meal.


Despite planning for a quite early night, I ended up staying up a bit later, but enjoying the company of some of my new friends and playing some card games.


Fun fact of the day: While on the cable car, I was standing next to an older Asian gentleman, who I do not believe spoke any English. I had my camera around my neck and at one point he looked at it, looked at the brand/model and gave his approval! I love my new camera, but this interaction validates my decision.

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