Day 13 – Every day can’t be a winner

**Still no pictures… womp womp… what did I expect with free wifi


Real coffee at a free breakfast! What a great start to the day! Breakfast and two cappuccinos later and I am ready to start the day. Cinque Terre is a coast line that is made up of 5 little villages. A train runs through the mountainside to connect them. The water is clear, the houses are quaint, the views are amazing.


We head to the first village, Riomaggiore, as a group to check out some of the views from above. It really is quite stunning. On the way down, back to catch the earlier train, I step on a large pile of dog poop…. Awesome. Some people try to tell me this is good luck, which I will find out, not the case.


Despite looking at the train schedule, and seeing there was not a train at the time we were at the station, we all piled into the train that was there, just to find out we were headed the wrong direction. This was very frustrating. With only a day to spend in Cinque Terre, this mistake ate up a good hour of our day, and inspired wine drinking while waiting for the next train to arrive. We finally made it the next planned village, Vernazza, where we sat and had lunch. Although the food was very good, it was also quite expensive being a restaurant on the water, and like most meals in Italy, it also ate up quite a bit of time.


When we finally made it to Monterosso al Mare, and the beach, it was close to 4pm. The water was awesome! It was warm and clear and blue. The only negative was the jelly fish swimming along with you, one which I saw and swam away as quick as possible. We were so buoyant, that very little effort was need to stay afloat. You could see the fish swimming around you, while floating upright in the deep waters. It even made it hard to push yourself to the bottom. Once again the beach was lined with private beach sections, but at least this time the free section was pretty good and the water was all the same. The train back was at 8pm so once the sun started to go down, we packed up in hopes to see the sun set from a higher point closer to the train station, in Riomaggiore. Unfortunately, the clouds came in and we could not see the sun set, but it was peaceful.


Due to timing, we grabbed dinner at McDonalds at the train station for dinner, and caught the 8pm train back to Viareggio, where I showered and headed to bed as soon as I arrived back.


Today was not a win, but just in real life, you will have your bad days. This was one place I was really looking forward to visiting, and I felt a bit cheated. I am thankful to have my family and also one of my roommates to be able to vent a little about my experiences today. Tomorrow is a new day, and after a good night sleep, I should be refreshed and ready to tackle the museums in Florence.

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