Day 15 – Soggy Duck

Keeping my bags dry
I may look silly but I kept my bags dry

Rain rain go away!! I say that, but I really cannot complain, we have had some amazing weather and rain must happen every now and again. Thankfully we made it to the train station before it really started, and thanks to my friend from the UK, I had a poncho that fit over all my bags just in case. This came in handy once we arrived from Viareggio to Venice, and provided some laughs. I must purchase a bag cover for my next trip for sure!

Full rain gear, ready to walk in the rain.
Full rain gear, ready to walk in the rain.

Thankfully our hotel was a quick walk from the train station, so myself and all my bags stayed dry. Unfortunately, I was put with all the sick people at this hotel, so the fate of my health was surely sealed.

A little background – day one, I was bunked with 3 other girls, one who was sick and was not the best at keeping the germs to herself. This was not how I wanted to start a 30 day journey through Europe, but I tried to just go with it, and hope for the best. Whatever the bug she had, has been spreading its way through the group. So far, I have been successful in staying healthy, but tonight will really challenge my immune system for sure!

I am very thankful for my family for fielding some of my messages, and keeping me positive, and making me laugh! If you are wondering about the title to this post, it stems from those text conversations, in an effort to bring some humor to my current situation. I also found a espresso and crepe which does wonders for my mood.

I opted for the walk around Venice in the rain, which I really enjoyed. There is something about this city that I fell in love with. I love all the cute streets, even the ones you can barely fit down. I love that there are canals every where you look and I absolutely LOVE the open market. Because of the rain, I did not bring my camera, so there are no pictures from the day.

At night, we went to the cute little Italian restaurant, where I had more delicious pasta, but also tried Black Squid ink risotto. This was a dish most people were excited to try, and although it was not for me, it was fun to try something different. The people who ordered it, really liked it!

Black Squid Ink Risotto
Black Squid Ink Risotto

After dinner, I ventured off by myself to a Irish Pub. I know this is not what you do in Venice, but there was also really no pubs to go to, and I wanted a taste of home. Or I should say, I thought I wanted a taste of home.

I pulled up a chair at the bar, and had a beer with a mix of different people, some locals some foreign like myself. A group of older ladies came in, for what I can only guess was a birthday party. They were your quintessential Woo girls, and they made their presence known. At one point, while ordering drinks, a member of their party invited me to join them, in which I politely declined. Which brings me to my thought of the day.

There are times that I find it challenging to be an American traveler, especially with what is going on with politics in America. I cannot tell you how many times I have discussed the topic of politics. But there is also the “typical American tourist” and I have seen them, and they are easy to spot, and it is everything I strive not to be. I think the best compliment I can get sometimes, is being mistaken for a local or not immediately pegged as an American. Do not get me wrong, I am very fortunate to live where I live and have the opportunities that I have been afforded. However, for me, it is also important to be the opposite of the stereotype, which I hope I have been successful at.

Tomorrow is another full day in Venice, which I could not be more excited for!

3 thoughts on “Day 15 – Soggy Duck”

  1. A girl after my own heart on your comment about the American tourist. If you put a little Canadian flag on your backpack it can help. No one hates Canadians.

    We absolutely loved Venice especially early in the morning (5am ish) when most are still asleep. The rain adds a new dimension to everything and I’m sure you were catching tons of mental pictures. We had the opportunity to go back more than once and enjoyed it even more the second time. Love finding the little out of the way lunch places too tucked back in a hidden side alley are sometimes the best. Enjoy!!!!!

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