Africa Day #1

My welcome party to South Africa!
My welcome party to South Africa!

Back up on blogging, this should be a little easier, as we do less each day! Unfortunately photos will be limited due to wifi, or lack there of!

Despite dripping teriyaki sauce all down the side of me prior to boarding my 12hour flight to Dubai, the flight went off without a hitch. Uneventful as I prefer it and I managed to sleep quite a bit which was helpful!

With the encouragement of a good friend, and some googling, I took advantage of my 7+ hour layover in Dubai and took the metro over to the Burj Khalifa. The view was amazing and it was an adventure that definitely put me outside my comfort zone, but left me a bit more confident in my solo traveler abilities.

Burj Khalifa
Burj Khalifa

Flight from Dubai to Cape Town was uneventful as well and again I managed a good amount of sleep so I was ready for the day when I arrived.

I am so very lucky to have met Carey in Europe! Some times you get lucky and you meet these people that you instantly bond with and I have confidence this will be a lifelong friendship!! She is such a positive and energetic person and I just love her enthusiasm and spirit! She met me with gifts, a hippo and a biltong, which to most people’s surprise I did try! It is a dried meat, similar to jerky. After a quick shower, we went and grabbed food, checked into my room and went on our way.

At the South African coast

She took me down to the beach, which was stunning, although the Atlantic was just about as cold as it is in Maine. We climbed the rocks and had an amazing view of table mountain and lions head. Next we went to a local coastal restaurant that was right along the water and ended the day at signal hill. Due to some traffic issues, we ended up having to run to make sunset, but it was exceptional with our strawberry picnic.

It was the perfect start to my African adventure and it’s always my favorite to see a city with someone local. I feel truly fortunate for the friendship and the amazing day!

I love this girl!

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