Africa Day #18

Woke up still a bit off, but we are packing up and heading out early, which will be good so I can get some rehydration back into my system. The trip back on the Mokoro was just as amazing as the way up. The still and quiet of the Delta is just so amazing. It took us only about an hour and a half to get back to the village, unpacked and packed the vehicles and said thank you to all of our guides, to again travel 45 minutes back to town. We arrived back at the lando, to once again unpack and repack to head to Gweta.

Our camp is under Baobab trees, and our site has an amazing pool! I spent most of the afternoon rehydrating and sitting in the pool. The pool had a shallow round pool attached and I taught the other travelers how to make a whirlpool.

Tonight we had a punch party, but in my current state I was not able to partake, which was a bit of a bummer. I still had a lot of fun with the group, even being the only sober one!

For dinner we had rice with vegetable curry and a banana topping, which I ate as intended all together, although I was not much of a fan of the banana topping with the other flavors.

Another early night for me, as I am trying to stay ahead of feeling a bit under the weather. Tomorrow we are in Kasane, home of the Chobe River, for our last night in Botswana.

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