Africa Day #19

**Pictures to be uploaded on proper wifi

This morning we were able to “sleep in” which means we had breakfast at 8am! Most of our morning/afternoon will be spent driving to Kasane. Along the way we had a couple set backs, like a traffic stop that in the end set us back over an hour.

We are headed out on a evening game cruise on the Chobe River tonight, and with the set backs on the road, we only just made it on time to board the boat with our lunchs.

The cruise was so great! I ended up sitting next to an older woman on another tour that was from California, and we had a good time chatting for a bit.

We saw a ton of Hippo, which as you know, I was absolutely thrilled about! One of the hippo actually swam out away from the rest and launched out of the water! It was quite a sight, that I unfortunately did not capture.

We also saw elephant, and one of the lone elephant actually swam back and forth across the river! I managed to capture that on video, it was so incredible to be so close and watch.

We saw water buffalo, and crocodile and birds. I really enjoyed this activity. I do not think I will ever get sick of seeing all these animals! It really is such a different experience seeing them in their natural environment.

When we arrived back at camp tonight, I was feeling a bit worse than I had the night before and ended up deciding to book a room, as it was quite a hot day, and the night was showing no signs of relief. I spent the better part of 2 hours in the room just trying to rehydate, and I was thankful for my private bathroom. Hopefully having a recovery night will work, as I do not want to have to go to an African clinic if it can be avioded, and I have so much time left!

Tomorrow we cross the border into Zambia, and we are headed to Livingstone.

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