Africa Day #20

**Pictures will be uploaded on better wifi

I think I made the right decision last night, as I am feeling a lot better. We also have a really late morning this morning, as some of the group went on a game drive this morning, so breakfast was not until 9am. I opted to not go on the game drive, as I still have another month in Africa, and I really need to get on the upswing. I was a little bummed I didn’t when they came back and told me about the baby lion, elephant and hippo they saw, but I know I made the right decision in the long run.

We leave camp in the early afternoon and head to the border and stamp into Zambia. There are a lot of vendors here, and I ended up buying a wooden Hippo. I am happy with it, even though I was not planning on buying anything this early in the trip.

Once we all have our visas, we are off to our campsite in Livingstone, home of Victoria Falls! I cannot believe we are here already! This is our second transition point. We will be losing 10 of our travelers in the next couple days, and gaining new ones. I have become good friends with the two girls from New Zealand and I will miss them the most! It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were dealing with the bed bugs together, and now they will be leaving.

We arrive at camp in the early evening and head to the activities department to book in for the activities for the next couple of days. We have 3 nights here, so two days for activities.

Tomorrow I am booked in for Devil’s Pool, a pool of water you can swim in that is right on the edge of Victoria Falls, as well as the Microlight flight over the falls. I am really excited for both of these activities. I am contemplating rafting on the second day, but I will wait to book it, as it is a full day in the sun, and a lot of work, I want to see how I am feeling.

Sharing the same waterfront, but on the other side of a gate that is left unlocked, there is a fancy hotel. A couple of us headed over there to the bar, and went swimming in the infinity pool. It was so awesome, and we actually watch sunset from the pool while watching the Hippo across the river. It was so nice and relaxing.

Tonight we have a group dinner at our campsite resturant. It is the second to last night as the current group of travelers. After dinner, a couple of us return to the hotels bar, as it is a lot nicer, the drinks are a bit cheaper and they have great free wifi (for Africa anyways).

While we were there the most amazing thing happened! A hippo had swam up and was in the little pond by the bar (the bar was along the Zambezi River). It was so crazy to have a hippo so close! I watched it for a while and then went and sat back down at the tables. After about a half hour the hippo decided to emerge from the water, so I got back up to go see it, and while I was watching him, he decided to cross over the boardwalk and walk through the bar! It made me feel a bit uneasy, as he was massive but it was so incredible! Most likely a once in a lifetime experience! The best part is I captured it on video!! I am pretty sure my whole trip was made tonight!

After the hippo, we headed to bed for a early start and a busy day of activities tomorrow!

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