Africa Day # 21

**Pictures will be up when I am on better wifi

I am still buzzing from the hippo last night, and I am so excited for my activities today! A group of 11 of us are off first thing to Devil’s Pool. I am feeling a mix of emotions about being on the edge of the falls, but mostly excited.

To get to the Devil’s Pool, we hopped on a boat to an island, where we were at the edge of Victoria Falls, Zambia side. Next we walked along the rocks to the water where the falls are. We had to swim across a section of water, I have video, to another section of rocks and walk over to where the pool was. There was some anxiety in the air, as we will literally be sitting/swimming at the edge of Victoria Falls.

Once we get to Devil’s Pool, our guide gets in and shows us how to get in, and avoid the section that would literally send us over the falls. You swim through the pool and hop up on the rock edge. I think the anticipation was more nerve wracking than the actual experience. It turned out to be quite peaceful, with the sound of the falls in the background and the rainbow. It should be noted there were a ton of fish in the water nibbling on the dead skin on our feet. It is such a weird feeling, and some of them got a bit over zealous sometimes!

I am so glad I did this activity. It was so incredible to be sitting on the edge of the falls, and the views were amazing. We got some great pictures and videos! As part of the activity we were served breakfast on the island. It was eggs Benedict (I asked for my sauce on the side). It was really good! I am not a huge fan of the sauce, but everything else was really good. I may have to get that again! After breakfast we were put on a boat and headed off the island.

At this point, I opted to go back to camp, while the rest of the group went to Victoria Falls Park. I was going to be seeing the falls from the air, and I figured I should have some down time out of the sun before my flight. I spent my time writing, as well as time at the hotel bar, utilizing their wifi!

At 3:30p, myself and one of the other girls headed out to do our flight. The Microlight is basically a hang glider with two seats and a propeller in back. They give you a helmet and strap you in with a lap belt. I was in the rear seat, and the pilot seat sits between your legs. It was a bit terrifying, but awesome!! I pretty sure I was more nervous in this, than I was skydiving, as there is literally only a lap belt stopping me from falling to my death!

My GoPro was not allowed, but I did get the video of the 15 minute flight. The falls are incredible, and I think this was the best way to see them! The pilot was telling me that the current falls is actually number 8, and he was showing me where the rock was cutting in, and would eventually be number 9. I can show it on the video. The falls are best seen from the Zimbabwe side, so it was great in the air being able to see it from both sides. This is the low water season, so it was not as much water as in the high water season.

After the falls, we flew a bit lower and saw some hippo, buffalo and elephant. I asked him if he could find me a leopard, as that is the last of the Big 5 that I have yet to see, but no such luck. He was telling me, that he has actually never seen one from the air.

After the flight, I went back to the hotel for a swim before we had our last current group dinner out at an Indian restaurant.

Dinner was hard tonight. Everyone was hungry and tired from a full day of activities. We arrived around 7:30p but did not get served until after 9:30 when most people were a bit hangry, and we did not get back to camp until after 11pm. The food was fine, but most people were a bit cranky by the time we got back.

I made the decision to pass on rafting for tomorrow. The full day was 6 hours, and I felt that would have been too much, and the half day was only $10 less than the full day, and I felt like that was too expensive for what you were getting.

Tomorrow I have a free day, we say goodbye to 10 members of the group and that night we gain only 6, so we will not be a full group, which will be good for some of the long drives! I am a bit sad, as we really have a great group of people, I just hope the new people are just as good!   

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