Africa Day #23

It rained through the night and into the morning. It was one of those mornings you didn’t want to leave your tent because you know as soon as you did you would just get wet and muddy for the day! Packing up in the mud and rain is always an experience, but we do it and it is manageable once you get over the fact you are going to be dirty. If we were being honest, I am pretty sure I have had a layer of filth on me since we began! Even right after a shower, which is one of the best parts of the day, you either are spraying on bug spray or walking out into the dirt, so clean only last so long. You just start to get used to it, plus we are all in the same boat! This is Africa, right?!

Being as we are only 18, we now have extra seats on the Lando, so every third day we have our own seat. Today was my day and it was luxurious! It rained or was overcast for the better part of the drive, so it really wasn’t that bad. I do need to wash my pillow, but I need to do it in a place I know it will dry, and that hasn’t happened lately!

Our drive was pretty uneventful. We passed a lot of villages along the way,  had a couple bushy bushy stops, which are actually a bit nicer sometimes than the actual toilet stops. I realize I need to photograph more along the way, the villages, the markets. There are some growing pains with the new group, but we are managing, and they should work themselves out hopefully.

We arrive at camp in the early evening, and thankfully things have dried up a bit. The shower is a amazing after all the mud in the morning. We have sausage sandwiches for dinner, it’s impressive how many sausages I am eating, and we are told that tomorrow morning starts at 3:30am. We have one more long drive day, and we need to leave camp by 5am.

This means a really early night for myself and most of the group. The hope is that it is not raining again when it is time to pack up!

Tomorrow will be the last long drive day for a couple of days, as we are headed in the direction of Malawi.

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