Africa Day #24

Starting before dawn was not that bad, especially since it wasn’t raining! It is a bit hard having breakfast at 4am, but you manage!

We sucessfully got on the road by 5am, and we were on our way. Another uneventful day of driving. We did stop at a villiage market to use toilets, and had the oppertunity to buy some local products. One of the girls purchased these dried crab apples, which she let us all try. The were okay, not something I would choose to eat. I bought a couple mangos, as they were so cheap, and another guy bought a dried out fish. I did not try that, but he said it was okay, a bit salty and oily, but fine. There was also some local fry bread, but it would be much too heavy for sitting on the bus all day.

In the late afternoon, when we arrived to the town where our campsite is, we stopped off at the shops, and I was able to buy some $3 flip flops! I broke my original ones 2 days ago, so this was so great to be able to get some more and not have to use my sandals for everything!

Camp was basic, but really nice. They have a really nice bar and bar area in which we hung out in. It was a good night to get to know the new people a little better. It is quiet and peaceful, and the bugs were sparce which was so nice.

Tonights dinner was shepards pie and salad, and it was so good. I think this was one of the first times there was no leftovers. I even ate it with cheese on top! I told our CEO she must make it again, it was such a big hit. She also made us a special hot chocolate for dessert which was so delicious! Probably one of my favorite meals thus far!

This week is Thanksgiving back at home, and even though I have an amazing family that did an early Thanksgiving with me before I left, I am a little sad to be missing the day. We talked about it a bit before dinner, and we may try to do an African Thanksgiving this week. It will likely not be Thursday, as I believe that is one of our long drive days, but we are on African time, so if it is a couple days late, it will still be great. We will substitute stuffed chicken for turkey, but I think it will be great if we can pull it off. I am actually a bit excited to share this with people who don’t celebrate!

Tomorrow we are off to another National Park, where in the following days we will be going on some game drives! So excited!!

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