Africa Day #27

Today is Thanksgiving, but also one of the girls birthdays! We have a 12 hour drive day today, so we will be waiting to do our African Thanksgiving for another day. We are all up at 4am to pack up and be on the road by 5:30am. Today we are crossing over to Malawi and headed to Kande Beach at Lake Malawi. We will spend a total of four nights at Lake Malawi, two at Kande Beach and two at Chitimba, which is the northern part of Lake Malawi.

This morning had some excitement, as we had two Hippos in camp while we were packing up and eating breakfast. I was diverted twice from where I was headed. The first time because there was a Hippo by the bathrooms, and the second with a Hippo walking through camp. It really is an incredible experience to have a Hippo walking through camp! These are the things I will miss the most!

Despite the long drive day, we tried to make the most of it, and had birthday celebrations all along the way. We had a bunch of different Happy Birthday songs, in a variety of languages, the CEO decorated her seat and had birthday chocolate. We did a couple rounds of birthday treats and birthday snacks around the Lando and we also had birthday beers when we were getting close to camp.

We finally arrive around 5:30pm to camp, which is right on the Lake and is absolutely beautiful. Our CEO has arranged a pig roast for tonight, which is not a bad way to spend a Thanksgiving, and has purchased a birthday cake for the birthday girl.

Most of us decided to upgrade today from camping to rooms, and it is so nice to have a day where you have your own bathroom and when you get out of the shower you remain clean for more than two minutes.

I didn’t have much time, but I did go down to the lake to check it out and it is so clear and warm, I cannot wait to spend more time in it tomorrow!

We had a punch party tonight, to continue on with the birthday celebrations, and followed with dinner. Dinner was amazing, especially the crackling on the pig, it was like crack! It was served with potatoes and a cabbage salad, and it was so good. The pig was a bit fatty for my taste, but I did find some good bits to eat. We finished off with cake, which was not the best, but it was cake!

For a long drive day, it really wasn’t that bad of a day! Tomorrow I plan on going on a village tour, and then depending on things, I may try to do a dive. I really need to find time to get my open water certificate, and unfortunately I am not staying any place long enough to do it here. It is on my to do list for sure! 

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