Africa Day #29

Today is another hot day, but to be fair it really hasn’t cooled off much even at night. For the past two nights we have been woken up a couple times with things on the roof of our room. Still very unclear what makes all the racket, but with the tin roof, it is loud. We have a later start today again, as we don’t have much of a drive today. Unfortunately, that was made longer by one of the CEOs realizing he left his phone behind after we had already been on the road for 20 minutes.

Today we will be celebrating our African Thanksgiving, and I will be making a campfire dessert! The goal is a brownie, but I am without wifi, so I will be winging it with the ingredients. (There is a part of me that enjoys the lack of wifi, as it has challenged us all to use our brains rather than just relying on google to answer questions for us!) I help a bit with the shopping today, as I am consulting on the menu. I am so appreciative that we can celebrate this holiday, as it is probably my favorite, and it is pretty special to spend it with all these new friends, and share this tradition with people who have never had Thanksgiving.

Instead of Turkey, we will be having stuffed chicken, mash potatoes, squash, lentils for the vegetarians, green beans and our CEO was able to find cranberry jelly, which completes the meal. I hopefully have all the ingredients for a dutch over camp fire brownie.

We arrive at camp, and it is really nice, although the lake is not as nice as it was at the last place. It was so hot, and the sand was scorching, I opted to help with dinner under the shade of an open hut and a nice breeze, instead of wrangling on a bathing suit and heading to the water, which again is so very warm.

There is something a bit theraputic, sitting under a beach hut pealing potatoes, and I quite enjoyed the afternoon, spending time with the other travelers. I also made, what I hope will be a brownie for dessert.

Thanksgiving dinner was a sucess! The food was delicious, and everything I could have hoped for and more. We also kept with tradition and went around the circle sharing what we are thankful for. I am so thankful for this oppertunity to travel, to have the love and support of my family and friends, to have a group of people to travel with, who make this trip what it is, and for the health and happiness of my friends and family.

To my delight, the brownie came out better than expected and people really enjoyed it! This was such a great night, and I do feel truly thankful for all of it! Tomorrow will be our last full day in Malawi. I have yet to decide what I will be doing with my day.

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