Africa Day #30

It was so hot last night. There was no breeze, we all pretty well just sweat it out in our tents, as the temperature never dropped in the night either. Today is Sunday, and I think a lot of us are planning on having a bit of a lazy Sunday. I was thinking about doing wood carving, but we will see how I feel as it gets closer. Some people opted to go for a 6 hour hike, but it was just too hot for me to even consider it.

In one of the huts on the beach, they have a TV with a load of movies, and I am a little embarrassed to say, a group of us sat around and watched movies today, which was so nice, and a bit needed. It was a nice way to have a day off while still being with eachother, if that makes sense. Plus the breeze on the beach was a welcomed treat to the heat. I ended up not going wood carving, which was okay, because I could go a day not feeling like I needed to buy something.

I did make it to the lake after lunch to cool off, and we managed to find some cool spots when you swam out deep enough. Plus, if you swam out deep enough, you avoided being hustled by some of the locals. The water was still clear, but not like the other campsite. The sand was unbearable though, and you had to be quick as, even with flip flops, you managed to burn your feet.

In the evening, we watched a movie as a group, and again, not what I would have pictured myself doing in Africa, but much needed. By the time we had dinner, the wind died and the heat was back, just in time for bed. I have a feeling it will be another hot one. For dinner, we had locally made Chapati, with steak and veggies for filling. I really like Chapati, it reminds me of an Indian bread (not naan) that I like to get.

Tomorrow we have an early start and one of our longest drive days, with a border crossing into Tanzania.

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