Africa Day #32

I find really early mornings not to be that bad. I think the worst part is trying to get something in my stomach super early, so between lack of sleep and some breakfast, I had a bit of an upset stomach to start the day.

Today was a long drive day, with the bad roads and more police stops. We made some stops along the way, more really bad squat toilets, where again, you miss peeing behind a bush, but there are too many villages to do this. We made a lunch stop and I bought another local mango which was meaty and delicious. Some of the local fruit is so good, and mango and pineapple are in season.

We finally made it to Dar es Salaam, the city we will be taking the ferry to Zanzibar from, and became stuck in traffic. I never thought I would miss Boston traffic while in Africa, but it took us just under 4 hours to go about 2 miles, and finally start moving again. There seems to be no order and no rules on these roads, and really you need a motorcycle or a tuktuk to get around efficiently! I think this was the hardest part of the day. It is one thing to be stuck on a long drive day and be moving, but very different being in stand still traffic for hours.

We were approached by many local vendors, and there were ice cream trolleys that moved through the traffic trying to sell. Some of the travelers ended up buying some avocado, that were literally the size of a melon! I decided to try a bite of one, just because it was so massive, but I still do not care for them. All I could think of, is that I know so many people who would love an avocado this size!!

When we finally made it to camp, it was after dark, so we got right to business of setting up camp, and then heading to dinner. We again had dinner made for us at the camp site. Tonight it was chicken, rice, curry sauce, salad and potato salad. It was so good I had to go up for seconds. It was made by a local guy from Tanzania, and the curry was delicious! I know I have said this before, but I never expected to eat so well in Africa. Almost everything we eat has been amazing! Not so helpful on the waste line.

Tomorrow we head to Zanzibar, and I am very much looking forward to it. Packing is a bit tricky, as we need to be modest with our clothing when in the town, covering both our knees and shoulders, as it is a dominantly Muslim community, but at our hotel we can wear what we would like. Should be a good couple of days!  

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