Africa Day #33

Today we are heading to Zanzibar, and I am beyond excited for the three day retreat on the island. I was feeling a bit annoyed this morning, as packing up tasks are not shared equally, and I ended up completely filthy by the time all was said and done. This is typically the norm starting the day dirty, but it was harder today, as we are headed to the beach, and I have a limited supply of conservative clothing with me. There will be a much needed break from shared responsibilities while on the island, which I think will be very helpful. We are picked up by tuk tuks, which this is my very first time riding in one, and it was quite fun! I almost wished it lasted longer than the 10 minute ride to the ferry.

We hop on a local ferry with car and locals. The transport is servicable at best, but it got us across, and thankfully we managed to get on and off without incident. Next we walked to the fast ferry that would take us over to Zanzibar. This was quite an experience as well. Thankfully we had seats in the cabin for the hour and a half ride, albeit cramped. I bought some somosas while on the ferry that were very good, and with the rocking of the boat I pretty well passed out for the whole trip.

Once we arrived on the island, we had to go through immigration and be stamped into Zanzibar, even though it is part of Tanzania. I have found in Africa, there is very little respect for lines, and people just push in and cut the line. It can be a very frustrating process as you try to keep your position. Once we were all through, we find our tour company, as our CEOs are not allowed to guide on Zanzibar, and we are off to Nungwi, which is North on the island.

It was a crazy hour ride to our hotel, through the villages, and our driver, like most African drivers, is a bit nuts. There has been a lot of motorcycles in Tanzania, and in Zanzibar it is much of the same. It is how most of the locals travel. I was a bit apprehensive of how our hotel was going to be, but it turned out to be very very nice. Once we got settled in, a couple of us headed off to find lunch on the beach, and figure out the plan for the next couple days.

I decided to I was going to do a dive with my full day in the North beach, so I booked that in with 2 other travelers. After lunch, we headed over to the village to do some shopping. I finally bought myself some African pants, which I am beyond thrilled about! I tried to get some from my nephew, but I have yet to find any that would fit him and are not too feminine. We also got a really great mango while we were in the village. Once I became more open to eat the local fruit, I have missed fresh fruit a lot less. I must say, I have gotten a little more lax on eating local food, hopefully that doesn’t come to be a bad choice, but everyone else seems to be getting along just fine, and they have been eating everything. I also found this amazing painting, but I am unsure if I will get it. I need to figure out logistics, and if I really want to purchase it. I think I need to sleep on it.

I thoroughly enjoyed my en suite shower today. It was absolutely fantastic to have a nice warm shower, in a cool room, where I was not going to get dirty the moment I walked out. I wore my new Africa pants, and actually put on some lipstick, which felt really nice! It is amazing how a good shower can be such a luxury.

Tonight, as a group we headed to a cocktail bar, where you sit on beds and drink cocktails. It was a really good night, as a group of three of us sat on our bed and had a really nice and personal chats. It was a really relaxed evening, and I really got to know some of my travelers a bit better, as they me. We grabbed some apps, which were just as good as the cocktails. Before heading to bed, a couple of us went out and grabbed some pizza before bed, which was not very good but did the job. Tomorrow I am so excited to go diving and enjoy the beautiful ocean!

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