Africa Day #34

Diving off the boat on our sunset cruise in Zanzibar
Diving off the boat on our sunset cruise in Zanzibar

So excited to go diving today. The hotel provides breakfast, which was pretty good! They had an omelet bar which was such a treat with toast and potatoes and some of the best pineapple! The pineapple here is massive, and it is in season so it is so sweet.

I almost made a joke about the boat we were going to go out diving on, because some of the boats were a bit worse for wear, but it probably was good I didn’t, since that was the boat we were on. It did get us there though, with all the equipment! On our way out, we saw some wild dolphins swimming along side the boat. It was really special.

The dives were nothing special, we went out to one of the islands where there was some reefs, but for me, it was so great just to be in the water. On the first dive we saw a sting ray, an electric ray, a lion fish, plenty of clown fish and some parrot fish. There was another fish, although I cannot remember the name of it. There was also some funny star fish that were really really plump. The legs of it were like water balloons.

The second dive we saw some young barracuda as well as an eel. The current on the second dive was a bit stronger, so it took a bit more effort to stay in control, but really a fun day.

On the boat, we ate some more amazing pineapple, as well as some local oranges, and local donuts. Always love snacks when diving, and everything was so fresh.

After the dive, we went back and I went to have some lunch, as we were going to be out on a sunset cruise in the evening. I went and had lunch on my own, and had the chicken curry, which was really good. The only bad part was the 10 flies that joined me for lunch. I also found a really good book at one of the camps, and really enjoyed the time to get some reading in.

Another amazing shower, and we all headed out on another boat, that was a bit better than the dive boat, for a sunset cruise. The crew that joined us played the drums and music while we went out under sail. The water here is crystal clear, and just amazing, pair that with the sunset, and it was perfect! I almost didn’t go after the long day, but I am so glad I did, as it was so much fun.

At sunset we briefly anchored, and a bunch of us went swimming. Despite not going with a bathing suit, I made due with a sports bra and underwear (when in Africa), and I am so glad I did because the water was divine! We jumped off the boat, and dove off the bow. One of the guys captured an amazing picture of myself and another girl diving off the boat after sunset!

A couple of us headed to dinner after the cruise, and we went to a nice seafood restaurant. I of course ended up with chicken. It was one of the best meals we had on the island, and it was probably one of the cheapest, as dinner and a drink only cost me $10 USD.

It was such a great day! Unfortunately it ended with my phone acting up, and in an attempt to fix it, I accidentally factory reset it, which is not an ideal thing to do when you are on African WiFi. I am trying to just go with it. Thankfully a lot of my stuff is backed up on the cloud, but I likely will not be retrieving most of it until I am home, as it takes me about 30 minutes to download an app. I am very thankful that all my pictures are on my camera and I only had a couple on my phone, which I think will be lost forever.

Tomorrow, we head to Stone Town for our last night in Zanzibar. I think I would prefer to stay where we are for another night, but it will be good to see another town. Stone Town is much more conservative, so we will have to keep our shoulders and knees covered while we are there.

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