Africa Day #35

I have not stopped thinking about the painting, so myself and one of the girls decided to go into the village before we left for Stone Town to see if we could get it. We had another good breakfast with an omelet, toast, crepes and potatoes. They unfortunately did not have any pineapple today, but I had a banana, that are smaller and sweeter here.

Because it was early, most of the village shops were not open and I thought we were going to strike out, but the shop we wanted just opened as we were walking back, and we got our paintings. I am not sure exactly how I will be getting this home, I may try to post it home, but I am worried about posting back from Africa. That will be a worry for another day.

We get picked up, and head first to a spice plantation on the way to Stone Town. I was a bit disappointed in this stop. Although I learned more about different spices, it was less a plantation, and more a collection of spice trees. I learned that cloves and pepper grow on trees. I never thought about where they grow, so it was interesting to know it was a tree. Also, cinnamon sticks are bark of the tree. I never knew that either! We also were treated to coconut water straight from the coconut, which was a first for me, and it was very delicious, with a performance from “The Butterfly Man” who climbed up the coconut tree.

We had the opportunity to buy some spices from the plantation, and then we were off to Stone Town. Our guide at the plantation also made us all necklaces out of some grasses, which were pretty cool. The girls got frogs and the boys got neckties.

Our hotel in Stone Town was very nice and the rooms were huge. In my room, we had a balcony, a sitting room as well as a large bathroom with a tub. I was half tempted to take a bath, but I did not. We were assigned rooms in this hotel, and it just so happened I ended up with the girl who will be my new tent buddy when we head to Uganda, and it went really well!!

A couple of us went to find lunch, and we found a place right on the water. I had a traditional Zanzibar dish, Chicken Pilau, and it was really good. Again, so proud of myself for embracing the local food. After lunch, we had some ice cream, and walked back to the hotel. It has been a busy couple days, and I was looking forward to some down time before cocktails and the night market for dinner. Along the way home we did a bit of shopping, but not too much, and then me and my roommate went to our room and did some reading and napping before getting ready for the evening.

Tonight we headed to a cocktail bar with the group. It was a rooftop bar and we arrived for sunset. A lot of the girls got henna tattoos, and myself and another girl realized we wanted to get one as well, so we found a place by the cocktail bar and went to get them before meeting up with the rest of the group. I had a nice time at the cocktail bar. I had the opportunity to talk to one of girls I haven’t had much time to really talk to, and it is really nice getting to know all these people.

After drinks we headed to the night market to get food. I had higher hopes for the market than what it was. Most tables had exactly the same thing, so there was little variety. The meat skewers were good, the garlic naan was lacking garlic, I tried the corn, which was really hard and inedible. I tried a bite of someone’s kebab, and I had a bit of food envy after that. The best thing I ate was dessert, which was a mango banana pizza with chocolate sauce.

After dinner, we headed back to the hotel. It was so nice to have a nice cool room to go home to, where I could read and go to bed. It was such a great night sleep!

We are headed off the island tomorrow, have two drive days before we are headed to the Serengeti, our last adventure with the current group. I cannot believe we are almost at the 40 day mark. Time is flying by and I am thankful that I still have another 20 days left, as I am nowhere near ready to be coming home!

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