Africa Day #36

We are headed back to the mainland today to continue on our adventure! Zanzibar has been a nice break, but I am ready to get back on the road. I enjoy these little breaks, but this is not why I am in Africa, and I tend to spend more money in these places. We have an early morning ferry, so we have to go through immigration again and stamp out of Zanzibar before getting on the ferry. Once again, people do not respect the que, and it is quite an ordeal getting onto the ferry. The ride back was also not as pleasant as the ride there, as the odor on the ferry was quite unbearable. Deodorant is not something used by most locals, and with the warm temperature, it was not a fun ride.

Once back on the mainland, we were picked up by the lando and we were on our way. We made a quick stop to a local grocery store to grab lunch. This grocery store pretty well had everything in it, but lunch food. You could get a TV or a washing machine, but no bread. I managed to grab a couple oranges, some samosas, chips and some stale popcorn. It was really bad, but I made it work, as most people did. I think I would have rather stopped in one of the villages, to grab local food. We also had one of the worst toilet stops, as the squat toilets are really just terrible. The smell alone is just miserable. We did also make a stop and the CEO picked us up some local corn, which was okay. It was harder and less sweet than the local corn I am used to, but it was fresh. I also tried some sugar cane today, which you chew. It was sweet, and pretty juicy, but I could only chew on so much of it.

Another long day on the lando, as the road was slow going, especially through all the villages, and trying to avoid the police stops. We finally arrived at camp just after sunset.

Tonight, upon request, we had Shepard’s pie again for dinner! I also helped make dinner after setting up camp. We were at a basic camp, just for a stop over between drives. The toilets were squat toilets, but they flushed, which was amazing and helped with the smell. I can now officially say I have conquered all African toilets! What an experience that has been! I think there is some benefit in this, although I feel like it has been quite a challenge taking down my pride/modesty around this issue. We are all in this together though, and that has made it easier. Poop has definitely been a topic of conversation on this trip on multiple occasions, so it is only fitting to include it here.

Tonight there is a lot of wind, which I am thankful for, although it doesn’t seem to permeate the tent as I wish it would, but I will take the gentle breeze that comes through. It is quite peaceful except for the bush babies, who are quite loud in this camp!

Tomorrow we drive to our final campsite, with this group, in Arusha. We will camp there tomorrow before heading to the Serengeti and camp a final night after, before heading to Kenya, where we say goodbye to 11 members of our group. There will only be 5 of us staying on through Uganda, and we will be adding members to form a new group for the final 14 days.

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