Africa Day #37

Today was a shorter drive day, which is a treat! We didn’t have to leave until 8am, which was nice! I didn’t have a great night sleep, I found myself having a lot on the mind, which kept me up a little later than I would have liked, and made it hard to go back to sleep after waking up at 2am. Plus the campsite was loud with the bush babies and monkeys, which I am sure didn’t help.

At this camp site, they heat the hot water with a fire. I opted to shower in the morning, even though I figured I would have a cold shower, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a hot shower this morning! It was a really nice way to start the day.

The CEO made chocolate oats this morning with breakfast, but I will have to admit they were not my favorite, which surprised me! I would expect to like most things that include chocolate!

Today on the Lando, I watched the movie, The Ghost in the Darkness, which is a true story about man eating lions in Africa. It takes place where we have been driving through, and it was actually a good movie, although a bit disturbing.

Our first stop this morning, one of the members of our group bought some samosas, and shared them around the group, and they were some of the best I have had thus far! They made the terrible toilets seem much better. In today’s bathroom, there was a “urinal” in the girls room. The whole bathroom was just terrible.

Our luck has continued on the trip, and while driving we saw the snow capped top of Mt. Kilimanjaro! This is very rare to see, as it is typically covered in clouds. It was pretty amazing that we were able to see some of it and capture it on my camera!!

We made a lunch stop in Arusha where we could get a proper lunch, and I also bought a really delicious coffee. Coffee thus far has been instant, so it was a real treat to have a decent coffee, and I had an okay piece of chocolate cake, which I had been craving since it was in the book I am reading.

We arrived to camp pretty early. We are at Snake Camp, which is one of the most well known and longest running over landing campsites. Here they have some snakes that are kept behind glass, that have been rescued from being illegally transported, as well as a snake bite hospital set up to provide free care to the local Masai people. There is also local craft shops, which we had the opportunity to look around.

It was a pretty chill day, I had time to do some writing, as well as hang out and chat with my group. Dinner was a steak brie, which was not as good as most meals have been, but it was good enough!

I am so excited for the next couple days, we have 3 game drives in the Serengeti, and I cannot wait to head to the Crater!

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