Africa Day #41

This morning was rough for most of the group. I was awake way too late chatting with one of the girls so I only had 4 hours of sleep, where is the rest of the group is pretty hung over. Last time for this group having breakfast and packing up the Lando.

We had a border crossing into Kenya, which took about two hours to stamp out of Tanzania and into Kenya. It was an intense border crossing, there were a lot of street vendors and taxis and you couldn’t be anywhere without someone trying to sell you something or talk to you. Even with most of us having visas already, getting into Kenya took about 2 hours.

The rest of the drive today was pretty uneventful. Most of us slept the majority of the trip, which was much needed for everyone. Getting into Nairobi was an experience. Once again we hit city traffic that barely moved, and people just don’t care. There seems to be absolutely no traffic rules in these cities. Buses are cutting you off and crossing 3 lanes without a care of other cars. We actually had a truck that rubbed into us as he was trying to get in our lane. You also have all the vendors walking in the street trying to sell you anything and everything. I have come to hate going into the city. I really don’t mind the drives, it is the stand still traffic that gets to me.

We finally make it into Nairobi, although a bit behind schedule, and we only have about an hour with the whole group before the first five head to the airport. I have my own room tonight which is a fantastic, especially because I needed to take everything I own out of the Lando and repack and re-organize, and this is much easier when I can spread it all out around the room.

The goodbyes were sad, and my eyes were leaking a little when we were waving goodbye. After, the rest of us went to get dinner. Thankfully, my tent buddy has one more night, so I do not have to say goodbye to her yet.

Tomorrow my plan is to go to the elephant sanctuary and the giraffe sanctuary. I have already arranged a taxi for the day from the hotel, as this is not a place you go out exploring by foot by yourself. We have been advised as well, if we decide to go out at night, to only leave the hotel in a taxi and not by foot. At the moment, it will just be me going out tomorrow, but I am hoping one of the other girls changes her mind in the morning and decides to join me.

I was hoping to do some laundry at the hotel, but at $1.60 per pair of underwear, I decided I would hand wash in the sink. There are days that I miss clean clothing, especially clean underwear, not hand wash clean underwear! I told my sister tonight to make sure the washer machine is empty, as everything is going in as soon as I am home… maybe for two cycles to get all the dirt out!

We were back on WiFi today as well, so I was able to check in with family, which was good, since I have been off WiFi for almost a week. I must admit though, I really do enjoy the times that WiFi is not even an option.

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