Africa Day #42

Coffee last night was a bad idea, although delicious, as I was awake until 1:30 in the morning, but all my stuff is in order. I was then awake at 5:45am so I did some online Christmas shopping. My nephew has totally made out because of this! Being up so early, with the 8 hour time change, I was able to talk to my sister for an hour this morning, which was really great! I love how much we laugh together… it really is the best medicine!

A bunch of us are meeting for breakfast this morning, to say our final goodbyes to a couple more members. One of the girls has decided to join me today, which I am beyond excited about, so we head out at 9:30 to go see the elephants.

The first stop is the elephant orphanage. They only have an hour a day that they allow guest to come in, and it is at feeding time. The goal for all the orphans is to eventually be reintroduced into the wild, so they limit human interaction with them. It was a bit touristy, but I am glad I went. It was so cute watching these baby elephant run down to where the trainers were waiting for them to feed them. All the guest stand around a fenced off section, and are able to watch as the elephants are fed as well as play and interact with each other.

Two baby elephant running down the path for food
Baby elephant being fed
Baby elephant soothing himself by sucking on his trunk
Baby elephant itching his belly

Next we went over to the giraffe sanctuary where we were able to feed the giraffe. This is a breeding location, that also strives to re-introduce the animals back into the wild. This is a bit easier with giraffe than with elephants. Here I made out with a giraffe! One of the giraffe will take the food from your mouth, and it was quite an experience. They have a really rough tongue like a cat, but much longer. Also, apparently their spit is antiseptic, which is good, as she got a bit on my face! I have some good pictures and some video!

Going in for a kiss… that is a piece of food in my mouth not my tongue!
Little make-out session with a giraffe
The giraffe coming in for a close up

Our last stop was over to the market and mall. We did a bit of shopping, and I had some lunch. I do not have much space left, so I really need to stop buying things! We had a great taxi driver for the day, his name is Harrison, and especially on the way back to the hotel, we got to know him a bit better as well as learn a little more about Kenya and the tribes here. It was a really good day!

We arrived back at the hotel around 3pm, so I had a couple hours left with my tent buddy before she headed out to the airport. This was one of the hardest goodbyes of the trip, and I was so sad to see her go. She has been absolutely amazing, and again, this trip wouldn’t have been the same without her. I really got lucky that first day!

Tonight we meet our new group as well as our new CEO. Both of our CEOs from the last 40 days will still be with us, but one of them will be training on the route, so we will get another one and have 3 in total.

The new CEO seems really great. He is from Kenya, and seems to be a wealth of knowledge. We meet the new people, and we are only a group of 16, with 2 more joining in a couple of days. We added a couple more Australians, a few more British, someone from Sweden, Ireland, a couple from Germany and I think that is it. I have a good feeling about this group, but it also helps that I really enjoy the 4 others that I have been with since Cape Town.

After the meeting we go have dinner and get to know everyone a bit better. I head to bed early tonight, as I am only running off of less than 5 hours of sleep.

Tomorrow we are off on the last leg of this adventure. We have a short drive to Lake Naivasha, where we will be doing a boat ride on the lake to spot hippo. I am very excited!

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