Africa Day #43

I slept a solid 8 hours last night and it was wonderful! I still do not think I am quite caught up on my sleep, but it is a start! Breakfast at 7am and we are leaving the city by 8am.

Today I think was the shortest drive to date, as we pulled up to camp by 10:30am. It was so strange for the original 5 to be at a camp so early, we almost didn’t know what to do with ourselves! This camp was on Lake Naivasha, which was pretty cool, and was known to have hippo grazing outside the gate by the lake!

Shortly after getting to camp, we headed out on the lake to see some hippos as well as different birds. It was no time at all that we were seeing hippo. They were very close to where we got on the boats. We actually watched hippos mating, which was quite a sight! I have video, don’t worry! We also saw some hippo grazing out of the water, and you really appreciate their size when they are out of the water. As much as I enjoyed the boat ride, I was a little concerned on how close they were getting to the hippo, especially while they were mating, and at one point our driver banged on the boat to try to get the hippo to look in our direction, which I didn’t like as well. The other thing I didn’t like about this boat ride, is they were trying to feed the fish eagle, which none of them were having any part of. I am very much against feeding wild animals for tourist, and was a bit thankful the eagles wanted no part of it… although that could be that they had already been fed early that day.

Hippo mating
Hippo grazing
Reed Cormorant
Yellow Billed Stork
Baby Hippo
Fish Eagle
Colobus Monkey

There was an optional walk after the boat ride, but it was quite expensive ($50 USD), and it was seeing all the animals I have been seeing for the last 40 days, so I opted to pass, and just kick around camp.

We had a hot lunch of burgers today, which was great, as lunch is typically just sandwiches. We were feeling a bit spoiled. After lunch I took a nap outside on our mattresses, which was so great. I woke up with quite a start, and became the joke among some of the other travelers, which was deserved.

It was a nice quiet day, just kicking around the soccer ball (I picked up for $5 from one of the vendors walking on the street) and hanging out. In the evening, we enjoyed a camp fire, as well as a really good dinner. There was squash soup, that had some amazing flavors, and because it was fish tonight, I ate vegetarian, which was a beans dish, potato and salad.

Tonight is the first night with my new tent buddy, and so far we seem to be doing well. It is cool here, and I look forward to going back to camping and snuggling into my sleeping bag. It is funny, I find myself missing my tent and camping when we are in hotels.

I plan to have another early night tonight, and tomorrow we have a normal morning, and we are headed to Eldoret for a stop over. It is not suppose to be a long drive day tomorrow, and the camp site is suppose to be quite nice.

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