Africa Day #44

For the next couple days we will be working on making our way to the Chimps and Gorillas. Today we have a normal drive day and stopping over in Eldoret. Nothing really to report on the drive, it was pretty standard.

We are staying at the Naiberi camp site which is really nice. They have a huge restaurant bar with a fire in the middle, and a large pool/bar area with little huts and tables all around.

I spent my free time today catching up writing from the past week. It was nice to have some down time to just reflect on the past couple days. Most of our group went down to the pool, but it was not super warm out and the pool didn’t look super clean, so I was happy to just park myself at one of the huts.

I am super lucky again with my tent mate, she is really great, and we have quickly fallen into a rhythm and started to bond more and more each day.

Dinner started with leek soup and then we had rice and chicken curry with vegetables. There was also cheesecake for dessert. I feel like we have been super spoiled lately, especially with the soup starters, which have just been fantastic.

A couple of us headed down to enjoy the fire at the bar before heading to bed for an early start tomorrow as we have a long drive day and border crossing tomorrow.

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