Africa Day #45

Swimming pool at Red Chili Camp

Early start today with the goal of leaving by 6:30am. Unfortunately, we had a mishap with the key to the safe that holds all the passports, so we were a bit delayed. With all the commotion from the morning, there was a bit of tension on the Lando this morning heading to the border.

The border crossing went okay. I ended up in an argument with the border guy, because he was trying to refuse my money for the visa, because he wanted large bills, which I did not have. Thankfully, it ended up all working out, but then they ran out of visa stickers, so I was given just a paper receipt for the visa. Hopefully this does not cause issue when we come back to Kenya!

The rest of the day was a pretty standard drive day, and we finally arrived to camp around 5pm.

This camp site had a really nice pool, so after setting up camp for the night, a bunch of us went for a swim. The pool was really deep and it was nice to get in a bit of a swim. I had a really good chat with one of the new group members too, which is always nice to get to know some of the new people a bit better. We also gained two new group members at this camp. Apparently they did not know it was a camping trip, so they are not starting off the trip in a good place, but hopefully they start to feel better about things.

Dinner tonight was spaghetti bolognes tonight which is always really good. My tent buddy bought some Amarula, so we used that to make some hot chocolate tonight, which was a great dessert.

Tonight, my tent buddy, the other girl who has been with us for the whole trip and our CEO had a girls night. The two girls upgraded to a room, so we went to their room and had girl talk and did face masks and pedicures. It was a really fun and relaxed night, and the three girls all looked like Santa as their face mask basically turned to foam on their faces. I feel lucky to have this group of girls.

Tomorrow is our last drive day and then we will have a couple days of tracking activities. This last leg has been a lot of inactivity, so I am ready to start doing some activities. With all this time off, I have definitely had time to start missing the people back home, and we have been off WiFi as well.


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